News: fMP4 for HLS is now available in Nimble Streamer. Also, check Softvelum updates for Q3: SRT, SLDP, players SDKs, wildcard ABR, VP8/VP9, new Nimble Streamer review and more at this page.

Paywall features
for Nimble Streamer and Wowza

Monetize your content: WMSPanel gives foundation
to create paywalls based on Nimble Streamer and Wowza.

New! Protect your streams with SLDP low latency live streaming protocol

Hot-link protection

Restrict your media from un-authorized re-streaming:

  1. Add a short code snippet to your web pages to make media URL signature.
  2. Set up authentication rules in web control panel.
Check Nimble Streamer protection and Wowza protection setup.

DRM and SSL in Nimble Streamer

Geo, IP ranges and other restrictions

  • Allow people connect only from designated countries.
  • Restrict access per list of countries.
  • Set up IP ranges allowed or denied to view media.
  • Automatic countries base update.
  • Block viewers by User-Agent header.
  • Block viewers by Referer header.
  • Defined from servers level down to single stream.

Check Nimble geo control and Wowza geo control setup.

Pay-per-view framework

  1. Set up a handler within your server farm to process data about clients.
  2. Add a short code snippet to your web pages to make special media URL signature.
  3. Set up authentication rules in web control panel.
  4. Control streaming behavior according to your business logic as you need.
  5. Collect high-detail per-user view statistics.

See Nimble Streamer pay-per-view and Wowza pay-per-view usage details.

Limit connections and bandwidth

  • Set up a number of simultaneous connections.
  • Set up bandwidth for connections.
  • Defined from servers down to single stream level.
  • Available for Wowza and Nimble Streamer instances.

What else?

Features above may be combined together.
They are available as part of WMSPanel subscription as well as for trial users.

Need to secure your system from unwanted published RTSP and RTMP streams?
Use Publish control framework to handle them according to your business logic.

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